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Pinch Hitter/ Flying Companion / Co-Pilot Training

Pinch Hitter/ Flying Companion / Co-Pilot Training

If you are a passenger and would like to know how to participate or help in flight, then this training is for you.  After the five video lessons below and a couple easy/fun flight lessons you'll become an effective co-pilot! 

You'll get to know the plane and how to control it in flight.  You will know where you are and how to get to where you are going.  You will be able to use the radio and talk to air traffic controllers.  You will be more aware of physiological and psychological hazards and learn how to help your pilot make safe decisions. 

In the unlikely event the pilot is incapacitated, you'll be able to safely fly and land the plane. 

These video lessons prepare you for a couple fun/easy flights with me, after which you will feel much more comfortable in airplanes!  Watch the videos and if this is something you are interested in, call me!

1 - Getting to know your plane and controlling it in flight. 

2 - Maps, radios, and a flight to a nearby airport. 

3 - Navigation, Air Traffic Control, and a flight to a nearby airport. 

4 - Aviation Physiology, emergencies, and a flight to a nearby airport. 

5 - Aeronautical Decision Making and landing practice at the local airport. 

** I did not produce these training videos, credit goes to for these excellent videos!!

I can be reached on my cell phone between 8AM and 8PM at (651)269-6542.

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