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Instrument Rating

Instrument Flight Training

Instrument flying opens up a whole new world to your flying adventures!  You will hone your flying skills and become a much more competent pilot.  Plus it will open the door to flying on all those fogged in mornings and getting into places that non-instrument pilots aren’t able!  Here are the requirements:

1. Fifty hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command, of which 10 hours must have been in an airplane; and
2. Forty hours of actual or simulated instrument time, of which 15 hours must have been received from an authorized instructor (CFII) who holds an instrument-airplane rating, and the instrument time includes:
3. Three hours of instrument flight training from an authorized instructor in an airplane that is appropriate to the instrument-airplane rating within 2 calendar months before the date of the practical test; and
4. Instrument flight training on cross country flight procedures, including one cross country flight in an airplane with an authorized instructor (CFII), that is performed under instrument flight rules, when a flight plan has been filed with an air traffic control facility, and that involves—
(A) A flight of 250 nautical miles along airways or by directed routing from an air traffic control facility;
(B) An instrument approach at each airport; and
(C) Three different kinds of approaches with the use of navigation systems.
5. Use of flight simulators or aviation training devices. If the instrument time was provided by an authorized instructor in an aviation training device. A maximum of 10 hours of instrument time received in an aviation training device may be credited for the instrument time requirements.

I’d love to help you get your instrument rating in the funnest and most economical way! I have a flight simulator for which you can log 10 hours of instrument time at a great savings over flying the actual airplane. The simulator training is amazing and will allow you to do and experience much more than in the actual airplane.

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