Travis Hamblen

High Performance/Complex Aircraft

High Performance Endorsement
High Performance is considered to be an aircraft with a maximum horsepower rating of more than 200hp. This endorsement removes the license limitation and allows you to pilot any high performance aircraft for which you are licensed. The endorsement, depending on proficiency, includes at least 1 hour of ground instruction on systems operations, ground and air handling, aircraft performance, physiology and 1 hour of flight instruction on emergency procedures, speed management, engine management and precision handling of the aircraft.

Complex Endorsement

Complex aircraft is defined as an aircraft that has movable flaps, an adjustable, constant speed propeller, and retractable landing gear. The endorsement, also depending on proficiency, includes 1-2 hours of ground instruction on advanced systems management, checklist usage, aircraft performance and air/ground handling. The flight usually includes several emergency procedures involving system failures, speed management, precision handling, engine/systems management and competency in handling complex aircraft.

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