Travis Hamblen

Tail Wheel Training

Tail Wheel Endorsement

Flying a tail wheel aircraft is different than tricycle aircraft. The main differences are the ground operations, taxing, takeoff and landing.  Many people believe tail wheel aircraft are harder to fly; this simply is not true!  For decades, the most used primary flight trainer in the United States was the Piper Cub. If people can learn to fly in a tail wheel, then it shouldn’t be too tough for someone who already knows how to fly!

Most of the training consists of take off and landing practice, usually about 30-40 take offs/landings and you will be ready!  I don’t just want you to be able to fly a tail wheel aircraft; I want you to be safe, and enjoy the aircraft.

After gaining your tail wheel, you will find the world of tail wheel aircraft is a large one, full of fun and interesting aviation history.  You will also be an official member of an exclusive breed of pilots

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